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The Wordings

“The wordings” is a start-up with a mission to “Revive literature in the era of Technology”. We believe words are most important tool that has ability to bring revolution and make a change in any field of this rapidly changing world. We not only publish write-ups of writers to make them published authors, we also invite non-writers in field of writing. We aim to inculcate habit of writing in our youth that are trapped in labyrinth of gadgets.
We provide most affordable and authentic publishing support to our authors with 24*7 pre- and post-publishing support. From manuscript, allocation of ISBN, cover designing, Illustrations, to publishing book and launching it globally.
We provide a platform for budding writers in form of challenges to showcase their talent of writing, storytelling, poetry, etc. and learn from other writers around the globe. We organize open mics and weekly or monthly writing challenges, provide feedbacks and publish top writers work in a special book designed only for winners.


Birth of The Wordings

The founder of 'The Wordings' started his writing journey 3 years ago. In June 2021, he joined Instagram to start his writing page to spill the thoughts that made him a writer. After a few days, he got an anthology offer for co-authoring in a reputed publication, luckily, he submitted 3 entries in 3 different books and got a selection in all 3. A few days passed by, he got a compiler offer from another reputed publication. As this was his first opportunity, when he was about to start a different life from scratch, so he grabbed it and compiled his first project. This was his entry into the publication Industry.

Compilation Experience

The compilation is not an easy task. Every compiler grinds day and night to find some deserving and limited writers for their anthology, suffers mentally when they don't get a single response or writers for their anthology. After suffering from all these, they were not getting the respect and appreciation that they deserve. They were getting ill-treated by their Project Heads and Publication Houses. Even after sacrificing important events and sleep a compiler works very hard to complete a project on time. He faced the same experience, Publication house was burdening every task without any appreciation.

Experiences as Co-author

As a co-author of those 3 anthologies, he was waiting for his books to be in his hand for the past 5 months but it was not delivered and there was no response from the publication house. When he tried to contact them on their official numbers there was no response or any update for the same.
A writer is a person who is the most important part of any book, who creates content for a book, who creates a writeup possible that can be published in a book. As a co-author in anthologies no co-author was getting the admiration that they deserve for their content nor they were getting any royalty on sales of books.

Dreamt to be the Change

After connecting with many writers, authors, co-authors, and compilers of many anthologies of various publications and knowing their experiences, how publication houses are piling every burden on compilers and their Interns. How co-authors were not getting any appreciation for their content nor there were any customer support. A believer in “Be The Change What you want to see in the world.” He decided to start a publication house which is writer-friendly with 4 pillars namely authenticity, admiration, 24*7 author support, and author satisfaction as their priority. Along with that, he decided to provide royalty on sales to each co-author for their book.

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